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HighJump Automotive Systems Warehouse Solution

For the supplier industry and logistics service providers

Leading Automotive Systems Warehouse Solution

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HighJump Automotive Systems Warehouse Solution

For automotive suppliers and logistics service providers

The HighJump automotive system warehouse solution solution secures and enhances supply chain processes. Based on the HighJump Warehouse Management System, this solution was developed specifically for and is the modern logistics software standard for procurement and distribution for the automotive industry. The ability to display n - n relationships to pre-suppliers, logistics service providers (LSP), suppliers and OEMs is a major feature. Guaranteeing the best-possible production cost is the driving force behind the solution's continued development. Key to this are just-in-time (JIT) and just-in-sequence (JIS) processes, empowering the automotive industry to enhance workflows with the capabilities of the supply chain of the future.

Process Overview: JIT - Just-in-Time (DELFOR)

The OEM sends a DELFOR call-off to the LSP.

The LSP manually determines, when to start processing the customer order. The system reserves the stock and determines, the truck shipment.

Packages are collected and brought to the goods issue area for loading. Once completed, the shipping notice is sent via EDI to the OEM and the supplier.

JIT Processing

Process Overview: JIS – Just in Sequence

  • JIS delivery provides the required modules at a specific point in time to a specific location in a sequence.
  • Not just one, but a set of products used at a specific point during assembly are shipped.
  • Different parts are shipped in customized load units called JIS-racks.

JIS Processing

JIS - Timeline (Times calculated by the system)

JIS Processing

  1. Determines assembly time
    1. Call-off time + assembly lead time = earliest assembly time (based on rack type)
    2. Consider breaks and holidays from calendar of the assembly plant and calculate the assembly time (based on calendar)
  2. Determine Times based on the calculated assembly time
    1. Assembly time (based on calendar) – buffer time = latest arrival
    2. Find route (truck) with departure + driving time < calculated arrival time truck departure – loading time = start loading
    3. Start loading – picking time = start picking

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HighJump WMS Automotive Highlights:

HighJump WMS Automotive is a warehouse management software customized for OEM or its LSP.

It is applicable from receipt of goods at the warehouse to delivery to the line station at the assembly plant.

Customer (picking) orders are created in external systems and sent to the HighJump WMS Automotive via EDI.

- Industry specific EDI structures (internal interface mapping, e.g. EDIFACT, VDA, …)

- Production nr. / progress numbers / status changes

- Full container deliveries (LAB, FAB, LCC Kanban)

- JIS delivery

- Safe, flexible picking procedures

- Assembly jobs

- Empty goods management

- Handling units (HUs) with packaging management

- Scope calculation / Pre-supplier controls

- Dashboard, factory calendar, configuration per addressee reference