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Is your warehouse keeping up with the speed of your business and industry? Pressure from competition and customers requires you to optimize your supply chain—it’s simply not enough to do things the old way and outrun the competition. Often, companies are just a step away from a breakthrough. Maybe it’s an upgrade to infrastructure, or more flexibility and additional scalability to lean into new opportunities. Some could benefit immensely from additional IT resources.

A faster, more cost-effective, and agile warehouse is often the difference between getting ahead and falling behind. A cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS) offers the tools to connect and optimize every corner of your supply chain. Meet HighJump™ WMS in the cloud, the end-to-end warehouse management suite including inventory management, labor performance optimization, warehouse processes, and material flow control. As part of the HighJump Now initiative, our WMS in the cloud powers thousands of retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and third-party logistics providers across more than 20 countries. It is highly scalable, reliable, secure, and battle-tested for any size of operation or level of complexity. Elevate your warehouse from a cost center to a strategic differentiator with the cloud-powered HighJump WMS.

A few of our customers scaling their supply chains with our cloud-based WMS:

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HighJump WMS in the Cloud

HighJump WMS in the Cloud

Learn more about how HighJump's WMS in the cloud can uplift your warehouse and supply chain operations.

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Scale With Confidence Now

Empower growth with unlimited scalability to meet demand

Growth should be celebrated, not met with a series of challenges to catch up with business demand. HighJump WMS in the cloud offers unlimited scalability. Your WMS will always meet demand when you need it. Combining this with the most flexible, adaptable WMS in the industry, your warehouse will have the toolset and infrastructure to take any challenge head on – today and tomorrow.

“HighJump™ WMS in the cloud increases our flexibility within our domestic and international markets. Opting for the cloud is the best decision we ever made.” - Lori Jackson, Director of Fulfillment, Dollar Shave Club

An Extension of Your IT Team

Allocate internal resources to make a more significant business impact—we’ll take care of the rest.

How would your IT like a free hand? HighJump’s cloud-based WMS puts an army of cloud and supply chain experts behind your operations. This gets you up and running faster, and keeps your WMS running smooth without adding a single headcount. This includes:

  • Alert and monitoring services that ensure your systems are never at .
  • Leveraging us to meet regulatory protocols and compliance requirements. All you do is update your WMS and configure—we handle the rest.
  • Kick-start your implementation within hours, and use our industry experts to ensure your WMS gets you ahead of today’s challenges and ready for what’s next.
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Dollar Shave Club Case Study

Dollar Shave Club Case Study

Dollar Shave Club needed an infrastructure that empowered its team to better serve customers. See how the HighJump WMS powered by cloud technology got them there in the case study.

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Pay as You Grow, Get Faster ROI

Jumpstart the future of your supply chain with a subscription that enables increased speed-to-value

The cloud-based HighJump WMS packages everything you need to run and manage your WMS in a subscription-based payment model. This allows you to fold all of your costs into manageable operational expenses. And with scalability that meets demand, you ensure that your supply chain operations run efficiently with optimal cost-to-benefit.

With supply chain, the clock is always ticking. The downtime associated with replacing a WMS can have a major impact on the business. But, with our cloud-based WMS, your implementation starts within hours, jumpstarting the ROI of your WMS.

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WMS in the Cloud ROI Considerations

WMS in the Cloud ROI Considerations

Build a solid business case for choosing cloud technology to run your mission-critical operations. Get the WMS in the Cloud ROI Considerations whitepaper to learn more.

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Ensure Business Continuity, Uptime and Compliance

Reliability offering peace-of-mind, so you can focus on growing your business

HighJump’s cloud infrastructure, combined with world-class managed services, helps you focus on growing your business. The 99.5% uptime and built-in disaster recovery offer the stability you need to keep warehouse operations flowing ahead of the speed of demand.

  • Predictable: uptime paired with redundant instances protect your operations and data
  • Support: Lean on our cloud and supply chain experts for best practices that can help your operations run smarter
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting: Our alerting and monitoring services help you plan, predict and perfect your supply chain operations
  • Compliance: We provide the capability for erasure or masking to support GDPR requirements and the right to be forgotten to comply with GDPR regulations in the EU. HighJump WMS in the cloud is also SOC 1 type 1, type 2 compliant.

Access Your WMS Anywhere, Anytime

With cloud’s accessibility, your WMS is always at your fingertips

Customers won’t wait for tomorrow—so neither can you. In today’s fast-paced, unpredictable conditions, you need access to your operations to ensure customer satisfaction. It’s peace of mind knowing that you can keep a finger on the pulse and take action when needed. Tap into your WMS anytime, anywhere with secure global access from any device.

Control Your Own Destiny

Meet today’s challenges and beat tomorrow’s obstacles with the most flexible, adaptable WMS

Your unique operations require a unique solution—a cookie-cutter WMS won’t get you the long-term results needed to sustain growth. Whether you’re a small, medium, enterprise, or a third-party logistics (3PL) company, lean on HighJump’s cloud WMS to build out the perfect supply chain management solution for years and decades to come.

All the adaptability tools you know and love are available in the cloud-based HighJump WMS. This means that you benefit from the most flexible WMS in the industry, without the capital expenses and IT overhead required to run a traditional WMS. No compromises, just opportunity and results.

The cloud-based HighJump WMS is a complete distribution suite, including:

  • Receiving and Put-away
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Transfers
  • Cross-docking
  • Order and Wave Management
  • Picking and Packing
  • Kitting and Value-added Services
  • Load and Route Optimization
  • Shipping
  • Replenishments
  • Returns
  • Quality Control
  • Task Interleaving
  • Labor Management
  • Slotting Management
  • Yard Management
  • Transportation Operations
  • Mobile Delivery
  • Multi Carrier Parcel & LTL Shipping
  • 3rd Party Logistics Billing
  • eCommerce fulfillment
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Document Imaging & Management
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Moosejaw Case Study

Moosejaw Case Study

Moosejaw improves inventory accuracy, reduces labor costs and prepares for the challenges ahead with the cloud-powered HighJump WMS. Read the case study here.

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