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Get the most out of your warehouse automation investment.

Warehouse automation isn’t cheap, and your business relies on the technology to improve productivity, reduce operating costs, deliver on shrinking order turnaround windows, and maximize throughput and capacity. HighJump™ Warehouse Control System (WCS) optimizes your investment by orchestrating your overall material flow, no matter the type of material handling equipment (MHE).

Designed with industry-leading experience in warehouse automation, HighJump WCS empowers you to run your facilities with flexibility and unparalleled visibility across your warehouse. This gives you the freedom to build processes and solve problems however you want. The technology doesn’t put you in a box—it’s truly designed to grow and adapt with you as your business needs change.

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Körber Supply Chain Warehouse Control System

Körber Supply Chain Warehouse Control System

Körber's warehouse control system (WCS) provides and optimization layer across your entire business, rather than optimizing automation devices in the traditional siloed way via disparate software applications.

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End-to-End Warehouse Automation Control

Work smarter with complete automation control from a single solution

No matter the scope and breadth of your warehouse automation installment, it’s critical for each component to communicate seamlessly. The best way to bring the systems together is through a single WCS designed to process all the data and direct the flow of materials.

By bringing all MHE under a single technology layer, you gain the advantage of complete and effective warehouse automation control. End-to-end visibility offers inventory traceability—no more searching carousels and racks for orders. An eagle-eye perspective on the entire material flow offers quick and efficient pulse checks on the operational health of the entire automation stack, helping you to keep the warehouse functioning at peak performance.

Real-Time Automation Data, Real Results

Turn your data into actionable insights for greater efficiency and profits

Better data, better warehouse operations. The HighJump WCS processes every byte of data from each branch of your warehouse automation stack. This allows you to better manage your warehouse and optimize operations for:

  • Faster remediation for device malfunctions
  • Material route optimization during malfunctions and order or receipt changes
  • Full traceability of materials anywhere along the automation chain

The data provided by HighJump WCS goes beyond raw information—it provides actionable insights that enable you to improve day-to-day operations to achieve a greater ROI.

Unrivaled Experience and Expertise in Warehouse Automation Control

Lean on the supply chain software experts to maximize your WCS and automation stack

Supply chain software is what we do. For decades, we have been refining our WCS to offer you best-of-breed software. Our warehouse control solution has been on the market almost as long as automation has been in warehouses. When it comes to implementation and optimizing your warehouse automation stack, this experience shows—we’ll help you get the most out of every rivet and bolt. This goes beyond the software. Our implementation team works collaboratively with your operators so your automation systems function together as one and get you the ROI you deserve.

Solutions For Every Level Of Automation Complexity

Leverage a flexible, MHE-agnostic WCS to future-proof your operations

Unlimited Automation Scalability

Beyond its hardware-agnostic design, HighJump WCS manages any automation workflow without limitations. Basic automation, hybrid automation-workforce configurations, or complex fully-automated operations all benefit from the flexibility of HighJump WCS.

  • Automated Storage and Retrieval
  • Goods-to-Person Execution
  • Pick- and Put-to-Light
  • Order Sequencing and De-Staging
  • In-Line Print and Apply Labeling
  • In-Line Capacity Checks
  • Weight Loading (for high bay storage)
  • Conveyor Merge, Recirculation, and Sortation

When it’s time to expand or evolve your automation footprint, our WCS empowers you to make these changes quickly and efficiently so you can meet your changing customer demands.

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