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Enterprise 3PL WMS Software for the Supply Chain of the Future

3PL. Fastest Growing, Premier 3PL Software Solution Relied Upon By Industry Leading 3PLs. Designed For Large To Midsized Logistics Service Providers.

Over 30 Years of Third-Party Logistics Software Ingenuity Poured into a WMS Solely for 3PL

Facing the combined logistics and compliance challenges of each customer, third-party logistics (3PL) providers have some of the steepest supply chain challenges out there. Fortunately, the right solutions turn these challenges into opportunities.

Staying competitive in today’s complex landscape requires agility. The ability to pivot empowers growth. This can take several forms in your operations:

  • Implementing and maximizing ROI for next-generation automation technologies such as warehouse automation, voice, robotics, AI and more
  • Adapting to market conditions such as labor or carrier challenges
  • Optimizing operational processes for warehouse efficiency

As a warehouse management system (WMS) designed for 3PLs by third-party logistics experts, HighJump™ Enterprise 3PL WMS has hundreds of implementations in over a dozen countries. Outfitted for the supply chain of the future, this WMS is available in the cloud or on-premises and solves 3PL’s toughest challenges spanning cold storage, eCommerce, omnichannel, seasonality, direct-to-consumer, workforce training and much more. With HighJump Enterprise 3PL software, you gain the supply chain agility, efficiency, and productivity needed to meet your customers’ needs for years to come.

As a HighJump Enterprise 3PL family member, you gain the advantages of best practices from other 3PLS, including:

ASL Distribution Services
Goggin Warehousing
Frialsa Frigorificos
Oregon Transfer
Verst Group Logistics
Cloverleaf Cold Storage
Europa Worldwide Logistics
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Körber Supply Chain Warehouse Management

Körber Supply Chain Warehouse Management

With Körber's industry-leading warehouse management system (WMS), you can quickly and efficiently track everything entering, being managed in and leaving your distribution center.

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A Complete, Scalable Warehouse Management Solution Built for 3PLs

Build the perfect solution for your supply chain challenges

Whether you're a new or established 3PL, single distribution center or multi-site, our 3PL WMS scales to fit any level of complexity. Future-proof your operations no matter the obstacles.

HighJump Enterprise 3PL is proven in virtually every industry, including:

  • Consumer Package Manufacturing
  • Ambient Storage
  • Cold Storage
  • Furniture
  • Automotive
  • Chemicals
  • High Tech
  • Apparel
  • Omnichannel Retail
  • e-Fulfillment

Many warehouse management systems offered to 3PLs are retrofitted or force-fit. HighJump Enterprise 3PL WMS is a single, holistic solution for third-party logistics. With best-in-class flexibility, building new processes and streamlining workflows allows you to quickly tailor your supply chain to your specific needs. And did we mention that there’s no programming? This includes:

  • Warehouse Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Labor Management
  • Customer-Specific Workflows
  • Data Management
  • Alert Management
  • Inbound Transportation
  • Outbound Transportation
  • Cross Dock
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Value-Added Services
  • KPIs, Metrics, and Reporting
  • Billing and Customer Profitability

Also, as a WMS built specifically for outsourced and value-added logistics providers, our capabilities cater to fourth-party logistics (4PL).

Full Visibility and Compliance

Keep customers happy with easy access and full transparency for day-to-day operations

As an outsourced logistics provider, you are expected to provide your customers with visibility into inventory, orders, labelling, carrier selection as well as other supply chain information. The HighJump Enterprise 3PL software builds web-based visibility into the solution, with precise, real-time inventory information supporting all of your customers’ requests.

Reporting tools built into HighJump Enterprise 3PL include:

  • End-customer delivery confirmation
  • Carrier information
  • Compliance, FDA and legal requirements
  • Personalized documentation, including client logo

For real-time insights into your inbound, storage, outbound, and reverse logistics performance, you can configure reporting specific to each customer—attributing carrier, vendor, end-customer and other required parameters to a report delivered how and when your customers need it.

Designed for Faster ROI

Match your growth with a WMS proven to reduce costs and improve performance

Implementing new software can interrupt productivity, incur costs and reduce profit margins. But with HighJump Enterprise 3PL WMS, you’ll benefit from:

  • Limited customizations and no programming
  • Need for fewer dedicated staff and resources
  • A solution that is cheaper to run
  • Minimizes switchover downtime
  • Fast speed to value and quicker ROI

As an end-to-end 3PL WMS, there’s less need to stitch systems together to build out a functional system. This reduces complexity during implementation, and provides critical agility and flexibility when it’s time to add new capabilities as your business grows and customer needs evolve. The built-in functionality and zero coding means that implementation and changes don’t come with prolonged downtime—which is something you and your customers can’t afford. All of these factors contribute to an unmatched total cost of ownership (TCO).

“We were concerned with capability and ROI. We take advantage of HighJump [Enterprise 3PL] capabilities, and this has enabled us to serve our clients accurately and efficiently even as their service and competitive requirements continue to grow. We win a lot of customers by meeting customer needs that our competitors can’t handle. HighJump is a big part of that.” – Curtis Mastbergen, Vice President of Administration and Finance, Cloverleaf Cold Storage

Maximize Revenue

Improve the bottom line with lean operations and full billing transparency

Multi-Client Billing and Profitability As a multi-client operation, tracking storage, handling, fulfillment, transportation, and value-add services is a challenge. All billing rules can be accommodated with HighJump Enterprise 3PL warehouse management system, and billing events triggered in the warehouse workflow are immediately available for billing calculations.

Within a multi-client environment/facility, most logistics professionals struggle to establish profitability for each customer. HighJump Enterprise 3PL tracks labor costs, material handling costs, and overhead costs, and provides comparisons to handling and storage revenues for profitability analysis.

More Efficient Labor Getting the most out of your workforce is a challenge due to the today’s labor issues as well as the highly complex nature of third-party logistics. With HighJump Enterprise 3PL software, onboarding and training won’t get in the way of productivity. Reduce new hire and temporary laborer training from weeks to hours in the simple, browser-inspired interface. Use the built-in task allocation, productivity monitoring, and benchmarking tools to increase productivity while optimizing resources.

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Körber Supply Chain Warehouse Management

Körber Supply Chain Warehouse Management

With Körber's industry-leading warehouse management system (WMS), you can quickly and efficiently track everything entering, being managed in and leaving your distribution center.

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