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Mobile Point of Sales Software Solutions By HighJump

When your customers have in-person experiences with your brand, you want to put your best foot forward. You want your retail associates to close deals, up-sell additional items, keep your best customers happy, and to deepen your customers’ relationships with the brand. Probably above all, you want to keep your customers coming back for more. Our mobile point of sales software helps your staff to do all of this. By providing them with easy-to-access, relevant information about your customers’ history and preferences, your staff can be empowered to deliver the in-person experience you envision, and take full advantage of that face-to-face opportunity.

Once your customer is identified, your associate has detailed visibility into the customer’s past shopping history, most recent, and most frequent purchases, allowing your associate to identify shopping patterns, preferences, and up-sell opportunities. A clothing store might be able to help a wandering spouse choose the perfect gift, in the perfect size by looking up the spouse’s history. A customer who recently purchased an item online can be shown complementary items in the store. A customer who has bought an item in the past can be alerted to its current sale.

Details about account inception, lifetime value, and customer type segment allow you to assist your top customers with white gloves. In addition, if your customers get special pricing, their custom price can automatically be calculated and displayed on every applicable item in your store.

Need to know if something is available? Rather than having to leave the customer’s side to check stock, your associate can check on an item’s availability right then and there. If the customer would like to have something shipped home, your associate can simply pull up the customer’s preferred shipping address, convert the sale right there. With a simple click, shipping costs can be instantly calculated, and your customer can be told when the item is expected to arrive on their doorstep, based on live shipping carrier data.

The success of your staff can also be monitored, allowing you to create and track an internal incentive program that is supported by your new technology. Because each sale on the mobile point of sales app will instantly push back into the Order Management system with your sales associate’s information attached, you will be able to generate valuable reports by sales associate.

Our mobile point of sales system also allows you to close the loop. Once the sale is completed and the data instantly passes back to the Order Management System, that new transaction is added to the consolidated account history. The customer can therefore be later identified for targeted follow up marketing. Associates can easily generate a list for follow up thank you emails, and customers can be identified for other targeted promotions based on their consolidated purchase history.


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