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HighJump In-Store Fulfillment Software

In-Store Fulfillment Software Solutions. Complete OmniChannel Execution for Retail Stores.

Complete OmniChannel fulfillment execution suite for the retail store

In-store fulfillment of eCommerce orders allows retailers and grocers like you to meet the demands of omnichannel customers in a profitable way. Leveraging brick-and-mortar stores as part of your fulfillment operation also helps you preserve customer loyalty and gain a competitive edge.

Our solution helps you effectively turn your store into a distribution center. It directs and optimizes the movement of goods from receipt, to the backroom, to the store shelf, to replenishment and e-commerce fulfillment, while considering needs specific to your stores and providing a seamless experience to your shoppers.

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Discover how our solution enables you to operationalize eCommerce order fulfillment in the store and meet OmniChannel customers’ expectations.

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All the tools you need to fulfill and ship eCommerce orders from your store.

We provide you with all of the tools needed to set up an in-store fulfillment operation, including order
capture, store mapping, work queue management, wave planning and real-time
inventory tracking.

Here are just some of the capabilities:

  • Real-time inventory visibility per product across channels
  • Cross-channel fulfillment prioritization rules
  • Cycle counting and inventory adjustment controls
  • Ability to handle unique fulfillment requirements across pick zones, including temperature-sensitive control and variable weights
  • Configurable, value-added services management (labeling, kitting, assembly)
  • Item substitution processes as directed by the customer
  • Store receipt processing with support for ASN and PO receipt
  • Directed put-away for streamlined workflow
  • Automatic control and prioritization of store replenishment processes
  • Staging of filled orders
  • Efficient and accurate hand-off to customers
  • Automated shipping processes for delivery services
  • Product image displays to assist in locating product


Keep labor costs down, ensure accuracy and increase eCommerce margins

Built on industry-leading flexibility, our in-store fulfillment software optimizes your order execution while strengthening your entire supply chain. From pick paths through the store to hand-off to the customer, your staff is directed to fulfill orders in the most efficient and cost-effective way.
In addition, we support hybrid fulfillment models - whether in store, warerooms, or dedicated warehouses – and introduce fulfillment prioritization rules among online, home delivery, store requirements and wholesale orders. You cut shipping costs and increase speed of fulfillment by moving the distribution point closer to your customers.

Learn about the ROI of implementing in-store fulfillment software:


Avoid stock-outs and prioritize fulfillment across channels

Our solution provides real-time store inventory information to your customers, trading partners, and store management for quality customer service and supply chain efficiency. Benefits include:

  • Maintain inventory accuracy with cycle counting and inventory adjustment controls.
  • Implement a single pool of inventory per product to which all channels have access, and introduce fulfillment prioritization rules among online, home delivery, store requirements and wholesale orders.
  • Eliminate the frustration of out-of-stock scenarios and build brand equity by connecting customers with the products they want, wherever the product is located.
  • Manage item substitution processes as directed by the customer.


Integrate back-office technology across all channels for full visibility.

Our solution seamlessly integrates with store point of sale (POS), planograms, order management and ERP systems. In addition, because our solutions are built on a common platform, you can deploy the same technology for both dedicated fulfillment center operations and in-store fulfillment activities.

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