eCommerce ERP Integrations

HighJump eCommerce ERP Integrations

HighJump Offers an eCommerce Platform Designed to Integrate with your Accounting or ERP Software for a turnkey solution.

Most manufacturers store their critical information in some type of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System. Popular ERP Software vendors include the likes of Microsoft, Oracle, Sage, SAP, NetSuite and Intuit (although there are many more). Here at HighJump we understand the importance of synchronizing order data with your ERP System.

Anyone that has ever participated in a system integration knows that the process is time consuming, expensive and even frustrating. There are many business logic questions that need to be answered. Fortunately for you, we offer turnkey integration solutions with popular ERP packages!

How you use the integration will depend upon which system you are using for the pick, pack and ship process. Here’s one example: Let’s say you take online orders but process them using a warehouse management system (WMS). The typical flow for order data might look like this:

Online Store: Order Management System --> ERP System --> Warehouse Management Software

Consequently, when the WMS generates the shipping label, the
order status and tracking information need to flow back in the reverse order:

Warehouse Management Software --> ERP System --> Order Management System --> Online Store

This unifies important order information across your organization, but most importantly it keeps your customers informed.

Other companies may have another process. For example, they might fulfill directly out of their Order Management Software. In that case, they’ll likely want shipped orders to flow directly into their ERP System. Our integration supports that as well.

In this modern world it does not make sense to pay your employees to hand-key data into your ERP System. It also doesn’t make sense to pay exorbitant fees or spend countless hours trying to integrate when a proven solution is available.

We have years of experience in working with leading ERP systems. Contact us today to learn how we can automate your business.


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