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OmniChannel Retail challenges solved. With HighJump solutions meet all of your omnichannel retail needs.

Empowered consumers’ demands continue to evolve. Your supply chain is challenged to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience. You need a combination of solutions built on a common platform that work together to help you fulfill multi-channel orders in the most efficient way for both your consumer and organization.

We've been helping retailers maximize in-store and direct-to-consumer revenue since before the turn of the millennium. As the ever-changing retail landscape has evolved, so has our software, enabling you to progressively expand your capabilities and deliver an integrated customer experience across all channels.

Warehouse Management Systems for Omnichannel Retail Fulfillment

A highly adaptable warehouse management system that allows for frequent changes to workflows is no longer a luxury - it's a necessity in the world of omnichannel retail. Our process-driven WMS allows your own IT team to execute any adjustments. As new distribution channels emerge and others become more popular, our solution prepares you for whatever omnichannel throws your way. Our WMS is built to integrate with other supply chain technology (EDI systems, eCommerce storefronts, ERP systems, etc.) so your business always delivers positive customer experiences regardless of where they interact with the brand.

In-Store Fulfillment

Progressive retailers are now looking at the retail store as a new source of supply in omnichannel fulfillment. We help retailers operationalize and optimize in-store fulfillment and store-to-consumer delivery processes. We have built a unique set of execution workflows that allow store associates to optimize order picking in the store and track inventory throughout the store. The result is happy customers’ incremental revenue opportunity and the store-level inventory accuracy required for omnichannel commerce.

Home Goods Retail Management

For home goods retailers we provide an all-in-one, integrated system that has been helping retailers become more efficient and profitable for over 35 years. From point-of-sale to inventory control and accounting, we provide a home goods retailer with all the tools required to run your retail store chain. Discover how you can easily keep winners in stock a higher percentage of the time, coach your sales team to become “A” players, build customer loyalty and gain complete visibility to your store operations and inventory.

ERP and Financial System Integrations

Even with the best retail systems, a successful retailer needs to have seamless integration back to their financial systems. Our retail systems come with standard product integrations to many major ERPs and financial systems. This means that our engineers have already designed, built and tested the integration, which shortens your implementation and ensures that you quickly achieve return on investment from your retail system.

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