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The technology behind HighJump's flexible and adaptable software architecture.

The HighJump One Platform

HighJump has long been known for cutting edge, adaptable technology. Our most recent iteration of that technology, the HighJump One Platform, extends and enhances that heritage. Working collaboratively with our customer, we envision a solution that is uniquely tailored for their needs. Then by leveraging our platform, its associated tools and a series of supply chain focused components, we assemble a final product that meets and exceeds their expectations. And allows them to continuously improve and adapt the solution as their business environment evolves over time.

HighJump One is backward compatible with previous releases of both the Accellos and HighJump platforms. It has been developed with a comprehensive security and services layer architecture. The HighJump One Platform (Ver. 3.1) incorporates an extensible HTML5 user experience with specific layout guides for desktop, and handheld (tablets, smartphones, etc.) devices. Also inherent to the platform is an open web service API and rounding out a powerful workflow focused adaptability layer. The HighJump One Platform Solutions Designer allows users to customize the “look and feel” of the dynamic User Interface to meet their specific needs and maximizing the user experience.

We complete the supply chain:

Supply Chain Solutions

The HighJump One Platform supports end-to-end supply chain functionality.

Transportation Management

HighJump offers a broad array of transportation management capabilities to enhance the ability to find the lowest cost means of delivering goods both inbound to the fulfillment centers and to the end consumer. It provides a robust multi-carrier parcel rating engine, the tools to manage an owned fleet or the features to work with contract carriers or brokerages to achieve the best return

Warehouse Management

HighJump excels at complex fulfillment opportunities. Our warehousing and fulfillment solutions cover the full spectrum of needs – whether it is for a manufacturer, an omni-channel retailer, a distributor, a craft brewery or a specialty online store. Our solutions can start simply and scale to support the most sophisticated warehouse automation. We provide rich functionality for third party logistics (3PL) operations and also empower pass through connections to other logistics providers to act as outsourced fulfillment capacity

Quality Management and Returns

An often over looked component of a comprehensive solution is ensuring the quality of the outbound shipments and managing the inbound returns. HighJump delivers an adaptable solution that allows the user to design the process that they need to successfully ensure that their quality meets their customers’ expectations

Inventory Visibility

Providing a clear view of inventory across the enterprise, from the store to the distribution center, allows the HighJump client the ability to more effectively meet customer expectations while improving accuracy and operational effectiveness in the warehouse

Resource Scheduling

Ensuring that the fulfillment and delivery operations are functioning at peak efficiency is another often overlooked requirement. HighJump offers an extensible solution that manages the schedules of key resources throughout the organization to maximize utilization and increase the effectiveness of the overall operation

Direct Store Delivery

HighJump provides a comprehensive route management solution for those customers looking to do either direct DC to consumer, store to consumer or van to consumer delivery. Using a comprehensive road network, it optimizes the routes to ensure the lowest cost and most effective delivery


Affording a “helicopter” view of the shipments enroute, HighJump not only provides visibility internally, but a new level of proactive notification to the consumer as their delivery nears completion

Mobile Point of Sales

Engaging the customer at the point of contact has never been more important. The HighJump Mobile Point of Sales solution accesses the customer’s complete history to empower the sales associate with all of the information necessary to provide excellent customer service

Operational Insight

With dashboards, pivots and alerts spanning the breadth of the ecosystem, HighJump delivers the right information to the right audience to enable informed decision making

Master Data Management

HighJump provides robust tools to manage master data for key elements like Product Information, Pricing, Customer Information, Promotions, and much more

Business System Integration

HighJump supports prebuilt integrations to leading ERP systems like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Infor, Netsuite and many more


Utilizing both the native responsive design afforded by the HighJump One Platform and specialized “inMotion” apps designed for mobile only, HighJump gives the customer a new level of information availability across our solution portfolio

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