HighJump Shipment Visibility and Notification

HighJump Shipment Visibility and Notification Software

Shipment Visibility & Notification. Track progress of deliveries. Push updates to customers. Communicate with drivers to optimize routes.

Keep track of your critical assets

If you’re like most fleet owners or operators, your most expensive assets are rolling down highways out of your direct control and often out of your visibility. Not an optimal situation, is it? More importantly, you lack the necessary information to provide the level of customer service that is expected. You have to pick up a phone and call your driver to answer the most basic customer question — where is my shipment and when can I expect it? Using our shipment visibility technology can provide you with up-to-the-minute location information and proactively alert your customers what to expect regarding their scheduled delivery.

Complete history

Use your driver’s smartphone or tablet to deliver GPS location data detailing the entire trip that they’ve taken — the routes they’ve followed, the stops they’ve made, and the deliveries that they’ve completed. Never lose track of a delivery en route.

Reach out to your customers

As your drivers progress their delivery, you can take advantage of user-definable geofencing to raise email or text alerts to your customers, letting them know the status of their delivery. Reduce phone requests and increase customer service by putting the system to work delivering updated information to your customers.

Stay in contact

Use the app to keep in contact with your drivers. Keep them abreast of changing conditions with deliveries that are scheduled. Reroute them to hot deliveries or to do pickups en route. Maximize the utilization of your fleet.

Capture valuable information

Your drivers are your primary point of contact with your customer during the last steps of a delivery. No matter how well planned, it is their satisfaction at that moment that is most important in building long-term relationships that pay dividends over time. And, potentially, to ensure that you get paid for this delivery.

Sign on glass

Gathering your customer’s signature to finalize the delivery process confirms that the work has been done and the customer is satisfied with it. That signature becomes a vital component of the transaction history in the system that can be reprinted, displayed or delivered electronically to assist the customer in finalizing their own shipment paperwork.

Keep track of your results

The beauty of the HighJump One Platform Apps is that they work apart or they nicely work together to assemble powerful solutions. You can leverage our Operational Dashboards to gauge key performance indicators like on-time arrival, over/under utilization of resources, and driver effectiveness.

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