HighJump Load and Route Optimization

Route Optimization and Fleet Utilization Software Solution

Route optimization for your freight resources, including load optimizing, best trucking routes. Automating the Fleet utilization process with our solution

Drive better results through refined planning

The more things change, the more they stay the same. It’s an old saying that applies to every area of your business. The ability to deliver product on time, predictably, profitably, and at a lower cost than the competition down the street has been, and will always be, a key element of your success. As much as other things change, that reality means that you’re reliant on finding intelligent ways to manage freight cost, or to more effectively utilize your fleet. Freight is one of the most significant costs you have, and it deserves some of the most sophisticated software to ensure that you’re leveraging your freight network to its utmost potential.

Maximize Utilization or Spend

Today’s companies may have a mix of self-carried freight, private contracted freight, and third-party freight. The unique business environment many companies find themselves in creates a complex cost-matrix, one that may rely on filling trucks and minimizing mileage, or simply optimizing which shipments go with which carriers, to ensure freight spend is as low as possible. Having the ability to rely on software makes this problem simple to solve, and creates a great opportunity to differentiate your business by fulfilling the needs of your customers while managing the profitability for your enterprise.

Define your parameters

Tell the system what matters to you and to your customers. Define capacities, pickup and delivery requirements, and system restrictions. Let the software work for you by understanding what matters most to you and your customers and ensuring that the provided freight solution is one that satisfies all constraints.

Evaluate Alternatives

Run different scenarios to ensure that you’ve considered all possible conclusions and made the right decision for the business. Adjust parameters on-the-fly to evaluate different possibilities and select the best solution for the problem at hand.

Drive process efficiency

In today’s world, effectively managing your supply chain is not enough. You have to do so quickly, effectively, and efficiently. You need solutions that are easier to use tomorrow than they were today. That means letting the system learn from your preferences, retain your requirements, and quickly select the optimal solution without intervention. It also means being able to choose when you interrupt the process, ensuring that the system aides decision-making rather than obstructing changing business conditions.

Adjust for the real world

Using software to define the best possible freight scenario is a powerful concept, but one that comes at a cost. In the world of the supply chain, you have to be able to nimbly adjust to changing conditions. Often times that may mean changing plans to incorporate new data, or unique customer requirements. How you react, and how software enables us to, is often what defines the way your offerings create value.

Automate your optimization

Software is meant to enable, and then to get out of your way. You want solutions that understand and remember your needs, provide you information to enable a decision, and then repeat the process on your behalf. Take advantage of process templates to teach the system how you want freight solutions to be identified, and only act on the exceptions.

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