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Streamline your appointment process

Technology is the greatest change agent around. Consider how integrated your life is with your technology – you manage your bank accounts, interact with your friends, plan your vacations, research your purchases, order 40%+ of your holiday gifts and pay your bills online. It’s possible that you even watched your alma mater win their rivalry football game on your tablet. But many of you still use a whiteboard, clipboard or spreadsheet for appointment scheduling for critical business processes. With so much of you and your customer’s daily routine online, does it make sense to continue keeping your appointments by hand?

Schedule your key resources

Undoubtedly your organization has people or things that are in scarce supply. Rather than hoping that you’re getting maximum utilization of those resources, put the system to work at keeping track of them using an “Outlook-like” user experience to book appointments. By utilizing resource scheduling you’ll get the most out your team while providing a quick view for managers to analyze.

Share the information across your organization

Give both internal users, customers and vendors access to your appointment schedule so that they can: (1) have visibility to the availability of resources, (2) coordinate people and resources around upcoming appointments, and (3) recognize underutilized resources and put them to work in other important processes around the business.

Put your partners to work

The world is quickly migrating to self-service. Appointment scheduling is no different. Your partners expect to be able to confirm times when they can pick up goods or deliver goods. Your customers will find it much more convenient to set up their own brewery tours. If you can define the resource and your capacity, you can put your customers and partners to work booking their own schedules.

Drive your processes

Automating your schedule does more than increase visibility and avoid conflicts. It allows you to put proactive processes in place that are driven by the schedule that you’ve assembled. Opportunities like optimizing picking processes in the warehouse around inbound freight carrier appointments. Increase the effectiveness of key processes in your business by leveraging your electronic appointment information.

Ensure optimal staffing levels

When you run your business based upon a well-defined schedule, you can predict with a high degree of accuracy the personnel levels necessary. The knowledge that comes with effective resource scheduling allows you to optimize the utilization of your labor force across the processes vying for their time, and ensure that you always have adequate resources to complete a job on time without delaying other processes within the business.

Keep track of your results

The beauty of the HighJump One Platform Apps suite is that they work apart or they nicely work together to assemble powerful solutions. You can leverage our Operational Dashboards to gauge key performance indicators like on time arrival, over/under utilization of resources, and effectiveness of self-service scheduling.

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