HighJump Quality Assurance and Inspection System

Quality Assurance and Inspection System with HighJump

Drive new levels of quality assurance with HighJump inspection system

Doing it right the first time makes a difference

Studies have shown that the cost of mistakes far outweigh the investment in quality. Depending upon your business, that investment can take on many forms: the most common being activities like inspecting the inbound receipt of goods, verifying outbound sales orders, doing quality inspections on material handling equipment or your physical plant equipment, inspecting the condition of trailers arriving at your dock doors or validating the specifications on specialized inventory. The products and services that you deliver define your brand and establish your reputation – recovering from mistakes or sub-standard quality is something we can help you avoid.

Make quality systematic

By allowing the system to select the items to inspect based upon your business rules, you ensure that all inspection criteria are met before receiving or shipping products. When certain business conditions are met to trigger an inspection, the system automatically schedules it and can flag a hold status on orders, if necessary. This helps your company deal with internal audits, compliance, and regulatory requirements with a systematic approach and full audit log.

No dedicated quality inspectors needed

When you rely upon the system to (1) choose what to inspect, (2) the inspection criteria, and (3) allow it to evaluate the results to determine the next step in the process, you minimize the need for dedicated inspectors. This gives you tremendous flexibility to grow and shrink your workforce to accommodate the changing needs within your business.

Change is a constant

Like taxes and death, your business is always evolving. As a result, your quality and inspection program must change to accommodate. Our solution’s open design allows you to create a virtually limitless set of inspection processes, measure your results and evolve right along with your business.

Managing returns can define your profitability

Most of us are well aware of the cost of a poorly run returns process. But, we may not consider returns a prime candidate for a specialized inbound inspection. A well-defined returns inspection can identify the product by visually verifying against a picture, asking the right questions to determine the disposition, and defining a workflow to either scrap the product or refurbish it for future sale.

Pick your spot

What you don’t want is for the returns process to become a bottleneck in your receiving dock. Our solution allows you to fine tune where, in the overall workflow, you want to examine the goods and make decisions as to its disposition: get the product out of the receiving area and begin the returns inspection process or make it a part of the receiving workflow at your discretion.

Keep track of your results

The beauty of this suite is that they work apart, or they nicely work together, to assemble powerful solutions. Our returns process suggests that our Operational Dashboards are used to help you visualize the success (or failure) of your overall returns program.

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