HighJump Small Parcel and Less than truckload shipping (LTL)

HighJump Small Parcel and LTL Shipping

An efficient and accurate consolidated shipping software solution which increases efficiency in small parcel and Less than truckload shipping (LTL) situations.

Drive efficiency and accuracy through automation

Customers no longer view free shipping as a perk; it is expected. And not just free shipping, but expedited shipping and free returns, as well. Couple this with rapidly changing compliance, prices and competition, and your shipping department’s head is left spinning. Shipping is not only one of the most significant costs that you have, but is also one of the most important factors in customer satisfaction. With the stakes so high, it deserves software that automates your business’s shipping rules and requirements.

Drive process efficiency

Today’s companies have a mix of pre-paid shipments, third-party shipments, carrier-specified shipments, and shopped shipments. Having the ability to apply your business rules to shipments, without employee interaction, allows you to efficiently meet your customers’ shipping expectations while reducing overall cost and complexity to your business.

Automate your shipping

Define what matters to you and your customer; speed, cost, carrier, and special handling. Put the system to work for you to ensure that you satisfy your customers’ expectations while managing overall shipping complexity and burden to your shipping operation.

Reduce complexity

Using software to integrate shipping into your overall process allows you to consolidate all carrier shipments into a single system. This dramatically reduces the complexity and need for multiple systems provided by the carriers, allowing your shipping department to process all your orders with ease while meeting all the shipping expectations of your customers.

Reduce spend and increase visibility

In today’s world, getting shipments out the door quickly and cost-effectively is not enough. Both your employees and customers expect to have visibility and updates about shipments every step of the way. Your need a solution that allows you have a holistic view of all your shipments while automatically notifying your customers about the specifics of their shipments.

Track overall spend

Having a consolidated view of shipping spend across carrier, class or services, and location in a single place empowers you to both manage your total shipping spend on a day-to-day basis, as well as more efficiently negotiate with carriers during contract renewals.

Automate your visibility

Providing visibility on shipments has long since turned from being a luxury to a necessity. You want a solution that provides automated notifications to both you and your customers about their shipments. Proactive notifications reduce phone and email inquiries about shipment status.

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