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Manage your business document imaging electronically

Digital document imaging. Manage your documents electronically. Access anytime anywhere.

Access documents whenever, wherever

We live in a mobile world where anything we need is accessible with a few quick clicks of a mouse or a swipe of the finger. Yet most of your business critical documents are still locked away in a file cabinet in your office or warehouse. With document imaging, your documents are not only available to you whenever and wherever you need them but are also associated with the orders, receipts, or other records within your enterprise systems.

Save time and space

Today your employees are searching through a sea of file cabinets in search of a physical document that may have been misfiled, lost, damaged, or destroyed. This is valuable time wasted that could be spent on business critical tasks or improving customer satisfaction. Imagine your customer service reps being able to pull up a Sales Order in your warehouse management system and with the click of a button see every document including a copy of the original pack slip, shipping label, or commercial invoice.

Simplify your storage

The receiving area is notorious for having mountains of paperwork from bills of lading to damage claim forms. This documentation is critical to the business, but is treated as an afterthought shoved in a cabinet in some corner of the warehouse. Document imaging should become an extension of the process. Your receiving clerk simply scans the paperwork and then the software goes to work for you, identifying the documents and associating the images with the correct system records in your ERP, WMS, TMS, or other enterprise system.

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