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HighJump Business Intelligence, Operational Insights, and Reporting

Get data from any part of your business operations to the right people in your company and empower them to make the right business decisions.

Gain deeper insight into your business operations

Access to information must keep up with the rapid pace that today’s cyber economy drives your business. And it must be available where and when you need it to inform your decision-making process. Did we mention that you must also be able to look across all of the systems that serve your extended enterprise? Unlike business intelligence solutions that deliver canned historical KPIs, we focus on metrics that drive daily improvements. Gaining operational insight allows you to act strategically, armed with knowledge that your competitors wish they had about their businesses.

Visualize information across your business

Keep track of information spanning the operations of your business. A simple drag-and-drop query builder allows you to customize what you want to view. Then easily create purpose-built dashboards for your own use or to be shared across your business. Quickly deliver real-time information to all of the stakeholders in your business.

Empower your workforce

Since we live in the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) age, your workers expect to have access to the information they need at their fingertips — literally. Our solution goes where they go, delivering up-to-the-minute information to assist their decision-making process whether they’re sitting at a desktop system, on a plane using their tablet, or walking down the street leveraging their smartphone.

Cross business boundaries

A single view of the truth. That is what software providers marketing their business intelligence tools tout. Too often it is a single view of “their truth” — only providing access to the supply chain information encapsulated in their application. Our view of the truth allows you to look across your business at the wealth of business systems that you rely on every day — including ours.

Unchain your data

You can hear the gnashing of teeth coming from operations teams across the globe. They’re frustrated by the dependence upon their IT organizations to produce information necessary to allow them to make educated decisions. You can set them free! Our embedded pivot feature allows your IT team to publish data and then give your operators free rein to create and share a limitless set of cross-tab reports and pivot tables. Slicing and dicing information has never been easier. And since they’re working with up-to-the-minute data, the insight that it delivers is unparalleled.

Create an information culture

Employees make better decisions when they are informed. Our solution gives your team the tools they need to stay informed on the subjects and business segments that you’ve made them accountable for. Building an “information culture” ensures that they have the right information to make the choices you expect.

Systematic vigilance

Let the system continuously monitor the areas of your business that predict success or failure. Rather than putting the burden on you or your team, we can deliver interactive alerts that proactively inform you when there is information that demands your attention.

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