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Superior Insight for Your Online Business

Keeping track of your online store’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with reports and dashboards allows you to make better business decisions. Our built-in eCommerce analytics system, provides you with tools to better understand important metrics such as sales performance, top selling products, and hot geographical locations. You’ll be able to easily access reports to see who your top customers are and what percentage of your customers are first time buyers versus repeat buyers. The built in sales map allows you to see where your customers are located and which states have the highest orders so you can market accordingly.

Aside from just sales data, you can see where each order is in the fulfillment process, which is a great tool not only for your operational workers, but for your customer service personnel as well. Having these reports allows you to gain invaluable customer information that can help shape your brand and marketing strategies. These reports will save you hours and hours of time by eliminating the need to pull reports manually every time you have a meeting by giving you a dashboard you can consult at any time.

Mobile analytics

In today’s world you need access to real-time information from anywhere. Using the mobile iOS app, Dashboard Plus, you can access all your reports from your smartphone. Whether you’re on the road for a business meeting, or you just want to take a quick peek on vacation, Dashboard Plus will give you the tools necessary to see how your business is doing.

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