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Direct to Consumer (B2C)

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Online Store

Online shopping has seen astronomical growth over the last decade, and is continually developing into the preferred way consumers buy products from companies. Building and maintaining a smooth, streamlined customer experience is critical for selling online, retaining customers and sustainably growing your business. Our team of experts works with your current website to tailor the online shopping experience to your current branding and provides the most user friendly shopping experience ever.

Mobile Store

Mobile buying has become a force that businesses can no longer ignore and stay competitive. Each day more and more people use mobile devices to make purchases. Businesses need to be ready to handle these requests, but they also need to be thinking of how they can optimize the customer’s buying experience from their mobile devices. Utilizing HighJump will ensure you can capture mobile orders and provide a mobile optimized site for your customers on the go. Above and beyond that, the shopping experience will be optimized across all their devices, regardless of which one your customers are using. A person’s cart will follow them across all their devices, so they can start shopping on one and finish on another.

Mobile Point of Sale

Imagine being able to leverage the same database your online store uses for in person transactions at retail shops, tradeshows, or special events. Our mobile point of sales application, HighJump Engage, accesses your product and customer database in real time. Cashiers are able to create pickup orders, add orders to be shipped, or a combination of the two with an iOS application on their iPads.


Taking orders over the phone is still a necessity for many businesses. Utilizing our internal e-store for your employees take phone orders will help streamline the order taking process. This internal store has been designed based on the customer facing store, which means less training for employees and they’ll be much more familiar with how customers are interacting with your site and store. We’ve built in short cuts to help streamline the process of order entry for your employees.


Tons of companies have seen subscriptions as a great way to build recurring revenues and increase customer loyalty. Whether it’s weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually you’ll be able to auto-generate a new order for that customer at a subscription interval. We go beyond just billing at each interval by auto-generating an entire new order at each interval. This saves your employees time by not having to create a new order at each subscription interval.

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