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Business to Business (B2B) Platform

Power to Control Your Products

Make B2B online ordering and purchasing easy for your wholesaler and retailer customer base with a B2B eCommerce platform. Businesses have different requirements than end consumers, and you need a system that is set up to let you sell to both. Your B2B customers will be set up with a login that takes them to a separate order portal with their specific pricing. This advanced customer segmentation capability allows you to control product pricing, product visibility, discounts, and billing options all by customer type. You can even generate and activate quotes for your B2B customers. You want to make the ordering process as simple and straightforward as possible to keep your customers coming back. This B2B eCommerce platform gives you ultimate flexibility, while making it easier than ever for your customers to place orders.

Advanced Customer Segmentation

If you offer special, non-advertised pricing for large wholesale orders or have sales reps who negotiate deals with wholesale buyers then you know that you need a separate online store for those customers. By utilizing separate customer log-ins, you can control what products they can see and set pricing specific to that customer only. You can add express ordering as well as set shipping rates by different customer types.

Automate Ordering and Quote Generation

Using the B2B eCommerce platform you can automate the process for generating quotes for your customers, allowing them to order on their own time and receive email confirmations automatically 24/7. The system will also auto-generate an email of the quote requests to the appropriate sales rep to make sure they are notified of the order immediately. You may also allow certain customers to convert a quote to an active order.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our B2B eCommerce platform has a built in CRM that allows you to easily keep track of both existing and prospective customers. Your sales reps will never miss a follow up activity when you can set follow up dates and activities. They can also utilizing the “Today” feature which provides a list of all follow up activities for that date. The mail wizard feature can be used to send out targeted marketing campaigns so you can keep your customers in the know of any discounts or offers you have going on.

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