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eCommerce Integration and Solutions

Warehouse Management System for eCommerce Fulfillment

Internet retail has changed the game, giving customers access to more products at lower prices than ever before, all with an expectation for outstanding customer service. E-tailers and distributors can only overcome those barriers and capitalize on this opportunity with an adaptable, best-of-breed WMS. Our WMS has the flexibility to handle multiple order types and the scalability for sudden surges in order volume. It integrates with ERP and eCommerce platforms to generate the visibility required to meet customer demands for cost savings, value-added services (like free shipping) and top-notch service. Our WMS will optimize your online order fulfillment and grow with your business.

Direct to Consumer (B2C)

Today’s consumers place orders through a variety of channels. Some prefer to place orders in-person or via a phone call while others like to use technology devices such as laptops, tablets, or mobile phone browsers. Your company should take the approach that you’ll take orders anytime and on any device to satisfy today’s customer. Our business to consumer platform sets you up for success by offering a myriad of promotional and marketing tools to help you get a leg up on the competition.

Are you also looking to setup a recurring revenue stream? HighJump allows you to capture and automatically create subscription orders with ease.

Business to Business Platform (B2B)

If you are selling to distributors or retailers, HighJump offers a B2B ecommerce platform that gives you advanced customer segmentation capabilities. This allows you to control different product pricing, which products they can see, discounts and different billing options based on your customers secure log-ins. The system will also generate quotes for you, saving you hours in the process.

Order Management

Funneling all of your online orders into one order management system simplifies the fulfillment process. When all your orders are in a single platform you have total visibility of your orders throughout the entire process. Not only that, you have complete visibility into your customer’s order history. You can modify orders, generate quotes, accurately quote shipping costs, print shipping labels, track packages and much more. We strive to make your order processing efficient and easy as possible.

eCommerce Analytics

With all the information flowing through your eCommerce platform, you’ll need a way to slice and dice the data into understandable metrics you can use to make real business decisions. The reporting tools allow you to discover new trends in your sales, track who your best customers are, which items are selling the best, and even track sales by geographical region. These queries can also be accessed through your smart phone so you can keep an eye on the health of your business from anywhere.

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