Direct Store Delivery Solutions for Food and Beverage

HighJump DSD Solutions for Food and Beverage

Increase visibility, respond to recalls quickly, and make better operational decisions with HighJump DSD solutions

What path do the components in your food and beverage products travel before ending up on the store shelf? Do you know exactly where every pallet of tomatoes, every sack of flour, and every can of beer or soda came from and where it is now? Could you trace the exact path of a product in the event of a recall?
The changing supply chain and higher customer expectations will require that you know every detail about where your inventory has been, is going, and when and how it will arrive. With it, you’ll have a more comprehensive understanding for better decision-making around order fulfillment and operations management, as well as transparency throughout the recall process.

Many of today’s best-known food and beverage brands trust HighJump for supply chain management and visibility because we offer unparalleled advanced inventory management capabilities and real-time visibility to critical information. From the supplier to the store shelf and all locations in-between, this level of material and inventory control allows our customers to focus energies on expanding their businesses and building new effiencies into their processes.

Key Challenges for the Food & Beverage Industry

  • Granular, configurable lot/batch/expiration date management
  • Traceability and recall management
  • Mobile delivery management
  • Rapidly evolving compliance requirements
  • RFID capabilities

Key Benefits

  • Greater inventory visibility and intelligence
  • Fulfill orders faster and more accurately
  • Respond more quickly to recalls
  • More informed decision making
  • Increased profits
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Route Accounting Solution

Route Accounting Solution

Supplier-certified Solutions From One of the Largest Direct Store Delivery Software Providers in North America

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At HighJump, we’re dedicated to providing modern, effective and streamlined DSD technology — in fact, we are the largest DSD software provider in North America. From route accounting to inventory management to mobile pre-sales and delivery, we’re committed to keeping our products in-step with customer and industry requirements so that you never need to worry about falling behind.

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Körber Supply Chain Retail Execution

Körber Supply Chain Retail Execution

Körber's device-agnostic mobile application is designed to address the complex needs of perishable-food distributors.

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