Full Suite of DSD Software for Snack Food Distributors

HighJump DSD Solutions for Snack Foods

From Route Accounting to Inventory Management to Mobile Pre-Sales and Delivery

The snack food market is constantly transforming: changing customer buying habits, a greater emphasis on healthy eating, and ongoing evaluation of different distribution types are just a few of the trends you’re trying to keep up with.

Key Challenges

  • Your route accounting system and mobile devices are outdated, slow and cumbersome to operate and maintain.
  • You don’t have visibility and control of customer cash and check collections, and you need up-to-date accounts receivable statements to share with customers.
  • You’re concerned with inventory control and want to leverage historical order and delivery trends more.
  • Your mobile sales staff doesn’t have the real-time customer or promotional information they need to sell effectively.
  • You need a better method of reconciliation at the end of a day; a real-time feedback loop and order-to-cash cycle.
  • You’d like to be able to use DEX/EDI to better work with larger retailers.

Key Capabilities for Snack Foods Distributors

  • Real-time presell and delivery applications
  • Drop ship for company-owned and independent operator routes
  • Electronic proof of delivery
  • Paperless settlement transactions
  • Forecasting and inventory management at store/SKU level
  • Survey management and data collection
  • Suggested and standing orders
  • Code dates and return codes
  • Batch and lot tracking
  • GPS visual route tracking and performance
  • Drop and sold calculations
  • Show average sales for each account
  • Set up a pre-invoice before delivery
  • Multiple stops at one location (i.e. hospitals, universities, municipalities)
  • Tiered pricing based on sold amount
  • Buy-backs

Key Benefits of DSD

  • Faster response times to customer needs
  • Optimized shelf space and sales
  • Route optimization for greater efficiencies
  • Increased sales with deeper, real-time customer and promotional intelligence

Learn more about HighJump’s full suite of direct store delivery (DSD) software for snack food distributors:

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Route Accounting Solution

Route Accounting Solution

Supplier-certified Solutions From One of the Largest Direct Store Delivery Software Providers in North America

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At HighJump, we understand the snack food industry and the challenges you face each day. As the largest DSD software provider in North America, our solutions allow you to successfully manage thousands of SKUs, automate the order-to-cash process while complying with regulatory requirements, implement detailed product tracking, as well as accurately file tax payments and reporting to multiple jurisdictions. Other key features include:

  • Advanced mobile selling applications help automate the sales force, drive stronger sales growth, and increase efficiencies in the field by integrating sales teams with marketing programs.
  • Mobile sales applications eliminate the double entry and re-keying of data, which, when dealing with thousands of SKUs, can result in abundant time savings.
  • Implement advanced warehousing practices, providing the critical optimization of your warehouse space, inventory, equipment and people.
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Körber Supply Chain Retail Execution

Körber Supply Chain Retail Execution

Körber's device-agnostic mobile application is designed to address the complex needs of perishable-food distributors.

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