CPG And Perishable Goods Direct Store Delivery Software

Direct Store Delivery Software for Consumer Packaged Goods

Delivering Innovative Solutions for Complex Food Distribution Challenges

Many of today’s best-known consumer packaged goods companies trust our advanced inventory management capabilities and real-time visibility into critical information, from the supplier to the store shelf, and all locations in-between. This level of inventory control allows our customers to focus on strategic business objectives to expand their businesses and improve operational efficiency. We are committed to building innovative solutions for distribution of perishable goods with best-in-class technology, in-line with customer and industry requirements.

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Route Accounting Solution

Route Accounting Solution

Supplier-certified Solutions From One of the Largest Direct Store Delivery Software Providers in North America

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User Needs and Challenges

  • Access to pricing, promotion and product availability data
  • Accuracy of data
  • Customizable retailer requirements
  • Manage expanding SKUs and product lines

Business Needs and Challenges

  • Retain existing business and boost new customer acquisition
  • Optimize resource utilization
  • Decrease cost per route
  • Improve invoice to cash cycle
  • Increase profit margin per driver/per route/per product line

IT Needs and Challenges

  • Reduce time and cost of development, deployment & maintenance
  • Increase up-time
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Support ongoing business requirements
  • Improve asset management

Compelling reasons to adopt our solution and adapt to your requirements

We enable you to integrate selling, marketing and last-mile delivery efforts across your organization. Our mobile delivery system combines order processing, delivery, off-truck sales, invoice management and comprehensive settlement capabilities to streamline daily delivery activities. This capability improves productivity of both independent operators and company drivers. By equipping your sales team with tools for real-time access to up-to-date order and customer information, you can transform order takers into sales consultants.

Key Features

  • ERP/Financial backend integration (SAP, GP, NAV, QuickBooks, Sage, etc.)
  • KPI Dashboards with end user customizable management reports
  • Complex Pricing — handle all sorts of different pricing structures (Ad/Specials, multi-buys, buy-‘x’-get-‘y’, preferred customer price breaks, etc.)
  • OS platform and device agnostic — iOS, Android, Windows platform capable solution
  • Real-time pre-sell and delivery applications
  • Drop ship for company-owned and independent operator routes
  • Electronic proof of delivery
  • Paperless settlement transactions
  • Forecasting and inventory management at store/SKU level
  • Survey management and data collection
  • Suggested and standing orders
  • Code dates and return codes
  • Batch and lot tracking
  • GPS visual route tracking and performance
  • Drop & sold calculations
  • Show average sales for each account
  • Set up a pre-invoice before delivery
  • Multiple stops at one location (i.e. hospitals, universities, municipalities)
  • Tiered pricing based on sold amount
  • Buy-backs
  • Maximize direct store delivery operations with Device Agnostic Sales Solutions and Device Agnostic Delivery Solutions
  • Monitor on-route performance with Browser Based Business Intelligence Solution
  • Verify key activities, such as that orders are entered and surveys are completed with Browser based Survey Solution
  • Automate manual processes with Route Accounting Solutions
  • Greater inventory visibility and intelligence
  • Fulfill orders faster and more accurately
  • Respond more quickly to recalls
  • More informed decision-making
  • Increased profits


What you see is what you get — our solution delivers what we promise!

Deep domain expertise in the complexities of the distribution industry for perishable goods/CPG wholesalers

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Körber Supply Chain Retail Execution

Körber Supply Chain Retail Execution

Körber's device-agnostic mobile application is designed to address the complex needs of perishable-food distributors.

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