Alcoholic Beverage Wholesalers DSD Software Solutions

DSD software solution specifically designed for Alcoholic Beverage Wholesalers

DSD solution specifically designed for Alcoholic Beverage Wholesalers… not a one size fits all approach

Components of an Alcohol Beverages Wholesaler Distribution System

  • Route Accounting Solution
  • Picking and Loading
  • Warehouse Management
  • Mobile Pre-sales and Delivery
  • Sales Reporting
  • Surveys and Competitor Intelligence

Why consider our solution?

  • 2nd largest market share among all vendors. 75+ Wholesalers using our solution
  • 10+ wholesalers have moved to HighJump solution in past 6 months
  • Solution based on latest technology platform
  • Full DSD based solution including RAS, WMS, Load Optimization, Sales Analytics, Advanced Loading (kiosks, voice pick), ERP integration, EDI Integration, Advanced Routing
  • 24/7/365 Support based in U. S.
  • Functionality for traditional beer wholesalers as well as supporting current portfolio expansion trend for Wine and Spirits requirements
  • 30 Years in DSD business
  • More routes using HighJump solution than any other vendor
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Route Accounting Solution

Route Accounting Solution

Supplier-certified Solutions From One of the Largest Direct Store Delivery Software Providers in North America

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Why change to a new solution?

  • If a solution is not meeting your needs, why pay for something that you are not happy with?
  • Traditionally, RAS conversions have been very difficult to implement. HighJump has converted wholesalers that use every type of RAS (even custom systems). Our professional services team has the experience and knowledge to make conversions as least impactful as possible on your business
  • You should start realizing newer functionality benefits associated with technology evolution. Our software works on newer platforms, with newer devices such as consumer devices like iOS and Android. We have long established relationships with suppliers such as Anheuser Busch and Miller/Coors, as well as working with Wine & Spirits and newer energy drink or craft distributors like Red Bull and Total Wine

Why buy from us instead of from competitors?

  • Proven track record of high availability in cloud hosting. With established statistics showing consistent uptime — what would a 6-hour outage cost your business?
  • Our partners (customers) save real budget dollars and time with proven installation track record
  • Other vendors bill using transactional fees. We provide simple pricing with guarantee budgets for support and licensing fees

Why buy now?

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Körber Supply Chain Retail Execution

Körber Supply Chain Retail Execution

Körber's device-agnostic mobile application is designed to address the complex needs of perishable-food distributors.

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