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Supply Chain Management Report: Warehouse Automation Trends


WMS - Industry Report - Warehouse Automation

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  • Covers Warehouse Automation Adoption, Performance, and Satisfaction Trends
  • Trend analysis from 200+ supply chain professionals
  • Data spans warehouse management in 20+ industries
Supply Chain Management Report: Warehouse Automation Trends

Warehouse Automation Solves Many of Today’s Supply Chain Management Challenges. So, What Did We Learn After Surveying Over 200 Supply Chain Professionals?

Automation Survey Report Icon | Head of Transformation

“It has given us the operational efficiency and quicker turnaround on SLA and accuracy that we require.”
- Head of Transformation, Retailer

Automation Survey Report Icon | VP of Operations

“We could not have continued to grow and expand without [automation]. It grew with us.”
- VP of Operations, Manufacturing & Distribution Company

Automation Survey Report Icon | Operations Manager

“[Automation] has certainly helped us, but we need to do more to stay ahead of the competition.”
- Operations Manager, Manufacturing & Distribution Company

Automation Technology or MHE Used

Automation in the warehouse, specifically material handling equipment (MHE), has been around for a long time. Decades, in fact. We’re seeing this technology break out as a highly-sought solution in supply chain management to overcome today’s top challenges in warehouse management.

We know that every warehouse operates differently. For automation, this results in a wide range of applications and technology stacks to address the unique needs of each business and site. That leaves a lot of questions on the table. By surveying supply chain management professionals, we uncovered key insights to assist you in your automation evaluations and uncover strategies for getting the most out of warehouse automation in your warehouse.

In the report, we focus on three key areas:

  • Forecasting Material Handling Equipment Adoption and Business Cases
  • Warehouse Automation Operational Challenges and Performance Trends
  • MHE Satisfaction Scoring and Warehouse Management Optimization Strategies


Are you ahead or behind the curve? In today’s highly-competitive landscape, falling behind in technology could put you at a significant disadvantage. Understanding automation adoption trends can offer key insights as to where your industry is heading in supply chain management and material flow within the four walls of the warehouse.

In our report, we uncover:

  • Top drivers and challenges leading toward automation
  • The timeframe businesses will be evaluating and implementing solutions
  • Which warehouse automation technologies businesses lean towards

It’s all about moving units faster and at a lower cost. Get our report to see where you stand in your industry.

Warehouse Automation Performance:
How Can You Set Yourself Up for Success?

Challenges and Drivers for Automation

Material handling equipment offers powerful capabilities and diverse applications suited for small and large supply chain operations. But, even the best technology still requires the right people, processes, and supporting systems to maximize performance.

Implementing automation in your warehouse often requires an overhaul on warehouse design and re-working processes. It’s a big change and even a bigger commitment requiring careful planning, significant resources, and a willingness to improve.

In this section of the warehouse automation report, we look at:

  • How automation is evaluated and top performance factors
  • The biggest challenges supply chain managers face with their automation stack
  • Key integrations and considerations for improving MHE performance

Warehouse Automation Satisfaction:
Are Businesses Happy with Their Investments?

Automation offers many ROI avenues. For example, It helps decrease labor costs and offsets some of the labor shortage issues many markets face. It can extend operation hours, improve safety, and boost throughput. It’s a power tool in your tool belt. But, just like any other piece of technology, it’s not a miracle cure.

With the significant investments required to green-light new warehouse automation projects, expectations can get out of hand. Properly setting expectations can prove invaluable in measuring, reporting, and potentially seeking additional resources to reach new levels of productivity and ROI on MHE investments.

How satisfied are businesses and supply chain professionals with automation? In our report, we dig deep to uncover:

  • Warehouse automation satisfaction scoring
  • Top ROI measurements businesses use
  • Automation optimization trends to improve returns

Enjoy the Warehouse Automation Survey Report!

Warehouse automation and MHE have been around longer than most of us have been in the supply chain management industry. But, the industry is still developing best practices and automation is evolving. This report provides the industry insights to help you get ahead in your evaluations and build a winning business case and requirements to push your warehouse management to new levels of success.

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