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Why Supply Chain Execution Software Needs App Stores


An App Store empowers your business to add the software functionality it needs quickly and easily

Your industry and your customers have ever-evolving requirements. It often seems like you’re never able to adjust your business as fast as the requirements roll in. When you do make “code adjustments” to meet evolving processes, it often comes with a big bill. That’s why these solutions should follow the precedent of smartphones by allowing clients to download applications that add any necessary features.

Get your copy of this white paper to learn how an app store for your supply chain execution solutions will empower you to:

  • Select and add only the new functionality your business needs
  • Minimize the risk that comes with adopting new technologies quickly
  • Innovate your processes to gain an edge over your competition

“[App stores for the supply chain] is a very provocative concept, and one that might have quite an impact on how software functionality is delivered and even the traditional versus on-demand software debate.” Dan Gilmore, Supply Chain Digest

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Why Supply Chain Execution Software Needs App Stores