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Voice vs. Paper, RF Scanning and Pick-to-Light


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Voice vs. Paper, RF Scanning and Pick-to-Light

There are four main options for completing picking processes in the warehouse: paper, RF scanning, pick to light, and voice. While all have different benefits and drawbacks, it can be helpful to directly compare them when considering a change for your warehouse. This whitepaper will compare voice to each of the other warehouse technologies, and explain how it measures up and if it would be a good fit.

“RF scanning has a lot of moving parts. We have used every handheld vendor out there, and there are always problems. Having a computer, a scanner, a monitor… those are all hardware pieces that can fail. No matter what system we had, every three years I was replacing computers at work stations. Transitioning to voice has been cost-effective on many fronts.”– Director of Distribution, Fox Racing

Download the whitepaper to learn more about:

  • How voice stacks up against popular warehouse technology
  • The benefits of voice
  • How voice can help you overcome warehouse challenges