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Tackling the 4 Pitfalls of In-Store Fulfillment


Tackling The 4 Pitfalls Of In-Store Fulfillment Webinar

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Tackling the 4 Pitfalls of In-Store Fulfillment

Omnichannel fulfillment offerings such as in-store fulfillment have become table stakes for retailers in all categories. Retailers know that in order to survive and thrive in today’s competitive landscape, they must get products to shoppers as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

However, there are other components of a successful in-store fulfillment strategy that many retailers overlook, leading to a series of obstacles and poor customer experiences. During this Connected Consumer Series webinar hosted by Retail TouchPoints, Roger Falkenstein of HighJump uncovers the common pitfalls of in-store fulfillment, including:

  • An incomplete view of the supply chain and product availability in stores
  • Islands of technology in the omnichannel retail store
  • Limited integration between store support systems
  • Inefficient processes for store associates

Falkenstein also reveals how retailers can tackle these challenges head-on to create a highly effective and cost-efficient in-store fulfillment strategy.


Roger Falkenstein

Roger Falkenstein
Territory Manager

Alicia Fiorletta

Alicia Fiorletta
Content Strategist
Retail TouchPoints