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Embracing Continuous Process Improvement: Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Supply Chain Solution?


Every successful business is guided by a forward-thinking strategy. It’s an essential part of what separates an industry leader from its competitors. The increasing prevalence of eCommerce, in-store fulfillment and other new delivery processes have made supply chains more complicated. A cutting-edge approach is more important now than ever before. 

This is why continuous process improvement (CPI) is immensely valuable. Companies can build a competitive advantage by improving the efficiency of their operations every day. Those that practice CPI are prepared for whatever issues arise because they have the ability to implement solutions quickly and without issue. 

Join Jon Kuerschner, Vice President of Product Management and Consulting at HighJump, and Kenny William, Director of Process Improvement for Parts Town, as they explain the advantages of CPI and how to implement this strategy in a webinar. You will learn how:

  • Your supply chain can become a strategic differentiator
  • To enable collaboration between your IT and operations teams
  • Process improvement will support your business strategy and desired ROI
  • To effectively direct and support complex supply chain systems


Jon Kuerschner

Jon Kuerschner
Vice President of Project Management and Consulting

Kenny William

Kenny William
Director of Process Improvement
Parts Town

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Embracing CPI Webinar