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HighJump Challenge: Market Leaders Control Their Supply Chain Destiny


No Warehouse Management or Distribution Challenge Too Great

In this video series, we look at how companies solved complex supply chain management challenges and turned obstacles into opportunities that produce real results:

  • More accurate same-day deliveries
  • Quicker return-to-stock for cancelled orders
  • Significantly fewer single-line orders through staging and packing stations
  • Much more!

City Furniture:

Inventory Management Improvements Support Same-Day Delivery

For a furniture retailer like City Furniture, inventory accuracy and customer satisfaction go hand in hand. Without tight inventory control and warehouse management, same-day delivery and in-store pickup couldn’t happen. By customizing their cycle counts and other inventory management processes, the company can prioritize fulfillment based on a customer’s location and keep inventory over 99.9% accurate.


Parts Town:

From Order Cancellation to Better Customer Connections

You wouldn’t think that returning a cancelled order to stock creates a business opportunity. But, for foodservice equipment parts distributor Parts Town, it is a defining moment. See how the company mitigates losses, continuously improve supply chain processes and better serve customers.


Colony Brands:

It’s a New Day Thanks to Same-Day Shipping

Same-day delivery has quickly become the new status quo in the minds of customers. But, executing on this in requires the leanest processes and the tightest systems. Colony Brands took a hard look at its warehouse operations and implemented new processes, including auto waving, to beat the competition with same-day shipping.


Thrive Market:

Separating Groceries at a Massive Scale

Packing freezer groceries and cupboard items at the checkout counter is simple. But, for an online grocer and eCommerce machine like Thrive Market, ensuring each fresh, froze, and dry order was appropriately packed and shipped to meet customer expectations created operational challenges. By creating a custom SKU for cold packs and a new process to pair the right packaging to the right item according to shipping requirements, the company increased quality, lowered costs and better met delivery windows.


Quality Bike Products:

Taking Staging and Packing Out of the Single-Line-Order Equation

Quality Bike Products (QBP) drop-ships for mom-and-pop shops, but also distributes to thousands of large retailers. To free up resources, the bike parts company wanted to reduce small orders sent to the staging and packing area by 20%. By building new processes, the company surpassed their goal within three months. Watch the video to see what else the company has up its sleeve.


In today’s dynamic market, every industry is impacted by consumers’ all-time-high expectations and fierce competition. Whatever unique challenges you need to address in your supply chain to keep up with market and competitive pressures, there’s no room for ‘set it and forget it’ when it comes to your WMS. If you’re not improving your distribution strategy and warehouse management by implementing new workflows, streamlining processes, and enabling new opportunities, there’s a good chance your competitors will deliver on that same opportunity. So, what’s holding you back?