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Labor Optimization and WMS Flexibility Fuel 3PL Growth


ContainerWorld expands into new markets thanks to improved productivity through its 3PL WMS


For 3PL company ContainerWorld, one of the keys to expanding into new markets was improving profitability in the warehouse. Through its HighJump™ Enterprise 3PL WMS, the warehouse management system designed specifically for third-party logistics, stepping into the future and seizing growth opportunities was possible. Additionally, the third-party logistics provider was able to optimize operations by leveraging actionable supply chain analytics to act on real-time data. With its WMS and additional efficiencies provided by HighJump Voice technology, ContainerWorld improved productivity, overcame a tough labor market, and gained an additional 20% of business in a new market.

“Since we took on HighJump as a service, as a WMS and as a delivery system we have grown revenue and improved productivity. As you look at our numbers to produce, they’re significantly lower and our accuracy has grown.” – Amir Abdollahzadeh, ContainerWorld VP and COO

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