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Find out how quickly you will see ROI with a WMS


See your projected savings following implementation of a WMS

If you’re considering investing in a warehouse management system or upgrading your WMS, the ultimate question is how much money your company will save (and relatedly, when you can expect to see ROI). A WMS will lead to better inventory accuracy, more efficient picking, reduced labor and plenty of other gains, resulting in lower costs across the board. 

So just how much extra cash can your business expect to hold onto? HighJump’s WMS Savings Calculator answers that question. The user enters basic information like hourly wages, number of workers, and orders shipped and received per day and the tool generates an itemized estimate of annual savings. It gives decision-makers a number that provides a clear vision of how long it will take to realize ROI.

This savings calculator allows you to:

  • See a breakdown of where you can reduce costs across your operation
  • Calculate the NPV (net present value) over a set number of years
  • Add additional expenses specific to your warehouse that could generate additional savings

Download this tool to start building a business case for a WMS!

Find out how a WMS will generate a quick ROI