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HighJump’s labor management solution allows you to track, measure, report and plan labor activities within your organization to increase efficiency. Our solution helps you objectively measure employee performance and identify those whose performance consistently exceeds the standard, as well as employees who need assistance. In addition, visibility tools provide real-time data on actual employee utilization and performance versus established standards, allowing you to detect inefficiencies and take corrective action. You can also reduce unproductive activity and its associated cost by tracking indirect labor.

Capabilities include:

  • Capture all direct and indirect labor activities
  • Support for engineered and historical standards
  • Labor planning across functional areas
  • „„Travel path creation and XYZ coordinate mapping
  • Personal time, fatigue, and delay allowance
  • „„Role-based security
  • „„Real-time assignment goals and employee performance feedback
  • Performance, KVI, and utilization reporting
  • Team standards
  • Automatically capture data from WMS and time and attendance systems

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