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Accelerating success through integration

HighJump Advantage Link gives your business the across-the-board integration it needs to thrive in today’s demanding marketplace. The solution links the HighJump One suite with the newest and most popular eCommerce and enterprise software. HighJump Advantage Link provides all employees with the latest information, allowing for smart and prompt decisions. When these different systems work in lockstep, it cuts down on mistakes and gives your organization the ability to stay ahead of the competition. This is a necessity as customer expectations put more stress on supply chains than ever before.

Capabilities include:

  • Seamless integration with ERPs
  • Business and order fulfillment system integration
  • Protection of valuable IT investments
  • Real-time information exchange between various business systems
  • Queuing features that limit system interdependence
  • Ability to quickly implement emerging technology
  • Support for communication across multiple platforms
  • Maximized uptime through self-monitoring

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