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There are better ways to handle your pickup and delivery process than through whiteboards and spreadsheets. Our resource scheduling solution allows you to automate and track the whole process, giving you full control over your docking stations.

Companies invest in solutions like demand planning, warehouse management, and transportation management to help them optimize their supply chain, yet very little attention is paid to the pickup and delivery processes. Studies show that carriers spend more time waiting for access to a dock door than they actually spend loading or unloading their trailers.

HighJump’s resource scheduling solution provides a set of tools to help you costeffectively move from a manual appointment system to an automated one. Its webcentric design allows you to quickly and easily book an appointment based around customizable business rules for each facility and door. You can even share the schedule with both internal users and external partners and customers.

Available both as a fully integrated component of the overall HighJump family of supply chain products or as a standalone solution, our resource scheduling solution can allow your users to optimize inbound and outbound traffic for increased speed and efficiency.


  • Improve Efficiency — save labor by centralizing your scheduling function and making it visible across your extended enterprise
  • Improve Throughput — minimize congestion on the dock by consistently applying scheduling rules
  • Increase Asset Utilization — reduce wait time for both inbound and outbound drivers
  • Access Historical Data — analyze historical trends to predict facility and workforce requirements
  • Improve Access — get visibility from any browser, anywhere

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