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Neither you nor your customers want to deal with product loss, rejects, charge-backs, or recalls. A strong quality assurance and inspection solution will not only save money otherwise spent on transportation and wasted materials, it can strengthen your brand’s reputation.


HighJump’s quality assurance and inspection solution allows companies to automate their quality assurance and inspection processes for subjects as diverse as the inbound receipt of goods, outbound sales orders, material handling equipment, tractors/trailers, physical plant equipment, or specialized inventory. By allowing the system to select the items to inspect based upon your business rules, you ensure that all inspection criteria are met before receiving or shipping products. When certain business conditions are met to trigger an inspection, the system automatically schedules an inspection and can flag a hold status on order, if necessary. This helps your company deal with internal audits, compliance, and regulatory requirements with a systematic approach and full audit log.

An inspection program can assist your company to:

  • Strengthen and protect your brand image and reputation
  • Reduce the cost of dealing with compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Improve performance of suppliers and product quality to minimize product loss, rejects, charge-backs, and recalls
  • Drive continued improvement of quality systems and performance to benefit both the buyer and producer
  • Protect sales revenue by helping to prevent late shipments, poor quality, wasted materials, or empty shelves

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