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The growth of Craft Brewing can only be called phenomenal. It has been fueled by the passion of the brewers and the loyalty of their customers. And beards.

We share that passion for quality products and having “raving fans” for customers. And some of us even have beards!

The components of HighJump Brewers’ Edge have been assembled specifically for the craft brewing industry. Successful breweries like The Lost Abbey and Ballast Point rely upon Brewers’ Edge to be an extension of their brand and to accomplish the functions that we’re passionate about, so that they can keep their focus on making great beer and delighting their customers.

So, whether it’s selling your branded merchandise online, simplifying the ordering process for your distributors, extending your club memberships, managing special releases and events, or automating inventory or asset management, rest assured that HighJump Brewers’ Edge has you covered.

Selling Online

Getting your brewery online seems like it should be simple these days. Not so much. We partner with ShipCompliant to make sure that your compliance and tax issues are dealt with. And, Brewers’ Edge can automate not only your direct to consumer business, but also streamline dealing with your distribution partners. Increase your revenue and simplify operations by leveraging Brewers’ Edge to more effectively promote and sell your products through the fastest growing marketplace on Earth – your branded website.

Beer Clubs

Developing and managing a successful club can be the cornerstone of building a successful loyalty program. But, managing a club from spreadsheets can become overwhelming. Let HighJump Brewers’ Edge take that job over for you. Grow your revenue and increase loyalty with your customers.

Special Releases and Events

As The Lost Abbey has found, special release events can become big business. Don’t try to run Ticketmaster and Amazon on a clipboard. Let HighJump Brewers’ Edge be your technology advantage in running quality events that leave your customers excited about your products and eager to sign up for more.

Booking Tours

You’re proud of your brewery and your customers want to see how you work your magic to produce such great beer. HighJump Brewers’ Edge can become your booking agent. Use our scheduling tools to make opening your doors simple and profitable.


Each state has its own set of laws. And each brewery, based upon size and desire, decides how important tight management of their inventory is as well as whether they want to deliver their beer themselves. Good news! HighJump Brewers’ Edge can give you market leading tools to automate those functions when, and if, they are important to your brewery.

Pick and Choose Your Apps

It’s our passion for craft brewing that drives us to provide you with the best solutions for your business. That’s why HighJump Brewers’ Edge allows you to pick and choose what you need today and grow your system as your business grows. Our brewery team at HighJump will work closely with you to help determine which apps fit best with your current business operations, as well as help plan around your future growth.

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