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Find out why HighJump Enterprise 3PL WMS is the industry-leading supply chain software for third-party logistics providers.

“We were concerned with capability and ROI. We take advantage of HighJump [Enterprise 3PL] capabilities, and this has enabled us to serve our clients accurately and efficiently even as their service and competitive requirements continue to grow. We win a lot of customers by meeting customer needs that our competitors can’t handle. HighJump is a big part of that.”

– Curtis Mastbergen, Vice President of Administration and Finance, Cloverleaf Cold Storage

HighJump™ Enterprise 3PL

HighJump Enterprise 3PL is a warehouse management system built for the specific needs of third-party logistics (3PL) providers—offering the most complete toolset on the market for 3PLs to manage growing customer expectations. The flexibility of the WMS allows companies to solve today’s challenges, and build out new solutions to scale as your business grows and needs change.

Download our 3PL WMS brochure to learn more about what separates HighJump from other warehouse management systems. With our WMS, you can expect:

  • An agile WMS that enables modern technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, AI, IoT and more to keep your warehouse up to the task and scale with growth
  • Fast onboarding, allowing you to add new customers and personnel with minimal operational interruptions
  • Solutions fitting every market and niche from cold storage to chemicals to retail
  • Faster ROI due to fast implementation, billing and profitability tools, and low resource investments
  • A complete WMS designed for 3PLs, by 3PL solution experts outfitted for the supply chain of the future