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Build a Supply Chain for eCommerce Fulfillment


Discover the best methods for fulfilling a large number of single-line, single-unit orders

The impact of eCommerce stretches far and wide, from manufacturers to wholesale distributors to internet and omnichannel retailers. And it’s a distribution channel that will only grow more critical with time. That makes it more important than ever before to implement processes that will make eCommerce order fulfillment faster and more efficient.

Get your copy of this eBook, Optimizing Your Supply Chain for eCommerce Fulfillment, to learn about:

  • A variety of picking methods that will help you fulfill higher volumes of smaller orders
  • Designing different processes around different order profiles
  • How a flexible shipping solution will help you meet customer expectations for fast delivery at a low cost

“If you do have different order types and are picking each order the same way, you are sitting on a gold mine of opportunity to improve labor productivity and throughput.”

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