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What To Look For In a 3PL Ready WMS


Operational Agility to Deliver Excellence

Is your outsourced logistics business seeking to improve operational efficiency and increase bottom line profitability?

  • Quickly and cost-effectively add new customers or facilities leveraging the same solution application instance across all customers and facilities
  • Operate as an extension of each of your customers by easily configuring the system to meet their specific operational needs
  • Take the guesswork and time spent number crunching to determine profitability by client/s. With HighJump's Enterprise 3PL WMS you can determine and report on the profitability of each client in your business for both direct (labor) and indirect (overhead) costs with the click of a button

3PL Domain Expertise

Are you looking for comprehensive warehouse management system built from the ground up specifically for third party logistics operations?

  • Multi-client WMS allowing specific business rules by client, end-customer, carrier, consignee or a multitude of other variables
  • Evolved revenue assurance engine that ensures all activities are accounted for and charged
  • Configurable value added service features that give you the tools to differentiate

Scalable Architecture

Do you require a WMS with the following capabilities?

  • Scales from mid-size to large enterprises
  • Enables you to stand up new facilities and onboard new customers quickly
  • Allows you to start with a core 3PL WMS solution and add modules later as needed

Revenue Assurance

Do you need a revenue assurance model for all your billable activity from your WMS vendor?

  • Advanced billing engine ensures all activities are captured and billed
  • Requires fewer dedicated staff
  • Quick to deploy and on-board new customers cost-effectively


Is configurability a critical requirement from customers, your sales and operations staff?

  • User configurable, no custom coding required
  • Easily configurable to meet new and existing customer requests, adjust to changes for existing customers
  • Requires less customization and no obstacles to upgrading

Total Cost of Ownership

Does the TCO matter to your finance and executive management team?
The total cost of ownership is dramatically lower for HighJump's Enterprise 3PL warehouse management solution compared to competitor's software that are not specifically built for third party logistics operations.

  • Implement with weeks and not months or years
  • Minimal switchover time and no downtime
  • Faster to implement

Implementation costs are very expensive for competing WMS and they require dedicated, high caliber technical and IT staff to manage their systems.


Are you looking for a Multi-company solution?

  • The ability to operate multiple legal entities or operational entities and the option to segregate such activities within a single deployment of the solution
  • Companies can be flagged to be stand-alone or share certain master file data with other companies such as a carrier master


Are you looking for a multi-customer warehouse management system?

  • The capability to operate multiple clients with a company with one or many warehouses
  • Multi customer capabilities enables high operational efficiency capabilities such as co-storing goods from multiple clients in a single location, multi-tasking work activities across different customers etc.

Multi - Warehouse

Are you looking for a Multiple warehouse management platform solution?

  • The capability to operate unlimited number of warehouses within each company
  • You can have the same customer in many warehouses and many customers in one warehouse

Unified Platform

Do you need a solution with a single, unified platform?

  • Single pane of glass user interface
  • Deploy varying degrees of automation (RF, voice, paper based) - all can operate concurrently

HighJump's Enterprise 3PL

3PL Ready - Built for Third Party Logistics Operations

  • Built from scratch for 3PLs, not retrofit from single client, single owner and self-distribution operations
  • Highly adaptable billing system providing your company with separate contracted rates/rules by client
  • Developed by 3PL experts for high volume, multi-client operations with complex, value added services and high degree of configurability requirements

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