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Convenience Store Chain Optimizes Workflows With WMS

Case Studies

Family-owned business finds better methods for managing large product line, which includes perishable items, with HighJump WMS.

Sheetz Convenience Restaurants is one of the fastest-growing convenience stores in the world with more than 500 locations across the Mid-Atlantic. It needed to upgrade its legacy WMS running at a distribution center that supplies goods for all stores and a commissary that bakes and prepares fresh foods.

Read this case study to learn how Sheetz convenience stores leveraged the built-in adaptability of HighJump WMS to:

  • Increase pick rates
  • Streamline the process to return excess ingredients to inventory
  • Reduce the steps in the production receiving process
  • Improve the process for end-of-day inventory adjustments
  • Achieve better visibility into transaction history

“The HighJump WMS is highly configurable and we feel like it supports everything. In fact, we haven’t run into a scenario yet that can’t be addressed.” Darrin Pohar, Vice President of Distribution

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