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Home Retailer Achieves Real-Time Inventory Visibility

Case Studies

Kirkland’s Home builds link between international suppliers, DC, store backrooms with HighJump solutions

Kirkland’s, a top specialty retailer for home décor with more than 340 stores, quickly realized it needed to optimize its supply chain to meet aggressive growth plans. Visibility into inventory movement worldwide was nearly nonexistent, leaving management without the information it needed to make critical decisions.

Download the case study to learn how Kirkland’s:

  • Achieved measurable efficiency improvements in throughput, accuracy, unit costs and cycle times
  • Gained complete visibility into trucks, trailers, drivers, goods and materials internationally
  • Implemented a paperless method of exchanging electronic documents with vendors, such as purchase orders (POs) and advance shipment notices (ASNs)

“Today we’re shipping to 100 more stores than we were four years ago, and our total freight spend is less despite the higher cost of fuel. We used to shotgun load trailers and ship at the end of the day; now we use timed waves and load in store sequence. If we hadn’t had the HighJump system and its flexibility, we wouldn’t have been able to do this. That’s been our biggest accomplishment — meeting the changes brought on by business and economic factors.” Todd Weier, Senior Vice President of Logistics

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