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Apparel Retailer Seamlessly Consolidates Two DCs

Case Studies

Fox Head streamlines operations, saves money after combining two facilities with help of HighJump WMS

Popular motocross apparel and accessories retailer Fox Head followed a unique distribution model. One distribution center (DC) handled receiving, deep overstock storage, quality control and warranty returns. However, when the DC ran out of space, Fox opened another, smaller facility just 15 miles away that served as the fulfillment center.

Download this case study to learn how the retailer:

  • Leveraged the adaptability of HighJump WMS to use the same system logic from the old warehouse at the new DC
  • Successfully launched the WMS at its new warehouse without any outside help
  • Replenished inventory faster with fewer employees

“We were able to complete the integration quickly because we used the same WMS throughout. With such a flexible system, the process of transitioning the WMS from one system covering both DCs into one system covering one DC was quite straightforward.” Robby Dhesi, VP of Operations, Fox Head

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