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Gay Lea Foods - Canadian dairy cooperative makes huge gains in accuracy and efficiency

Case Studies

As a dairy foods company, Gay Lea had to keep extremely accurate and detailed accounts of its inventory, including shelf life requirements, code dates and recall details. As the company grew, many of its original processes and procedures, such as manual stock location and time-consuming physical inventory counts, could not keep up. Inventory accuracy was about 40 percent, and visibility into stocks at its various warehouse sites had to be improved.

Get this case study and learn how Gay Lea Foods:

  • Increased its inventory accuracy to +99 percent at all of its sites
  • Customized the WMS themselves to be able to track inventory according to Canadian Dairy Commission requirements
  • Gave schedulers greater visibility into current stocks by sharing inventory data with their ERP system
  • Gained efficiencies in year-end inventory counting

“With greater inventory visibility, we’ve improved our fill rates and other KPIs tremendously,” said Lamacraft. “HighJump will definitely continue to be a part of our operations as we grow.”

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