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HighJump Pulse Brings Greater Data Insights for Conn’s HomePlus Supply Chain Management

Warehouse fulfillment for furniture, mattresses, appliances, electronics as well as final-mile delivery and in-home services creates a lots of challenges for the Conn’s HomePlus supply chain and warehouse management. To stay on top of orders, Conn’s doesn’t need good data, it needs great data. See how the large retailer uses real-time data and customized key performance indicators (KPIs) to improve its operations.

“I will say that having the visibility and the consistency across all Conn’s business pieces has allowed the business to identify places where it can drive improvement. It’s helped Conn’s to understand where their process is failing and where they need to shore up the business on a store, warehouse, or individual basis.” – Michael Luckett, Project Manager, Conn’s

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Conn's Case Study