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Fox Racing Reduces Training Time 87%, Achieves ROI in 6 Months

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"Overall, Fox is quite satisfied with the way we have been able to rapidly identify and integrate new ways of using voice across multiple workflows. We would be happy with the results we have attained just from using voice with picking, but the value-add we have found in applying voice for many other workflows and the ability to interleave tasks has made our overall performance skyrocket and keep pace with the growing demands of a successful business."–Robby Dhesi, Vice President of Operations

Fox Racing Reduces Training Time 87%, Achieves ROI in 6 Months

Fox Racing, an internationally recognized motocross and youth apparel company, initially implemented voice into their warehouse to improve picking performance and increase their bottom line. After seeing significant improvements to the picking process, Fox chose to extend the use of voice into multiple other distribution workflows, like cycle counting and replenishment.

Read the case study to learn more about:

  • How Fox Racing uses voice to prepare them for seasonal order demands using their existing workforce
  • A dynamic slotting function made to utilize the efficiency of voice
  • The use of voice to eliminate unnecessary worker movement in the packing station