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ContainerWorld Overcomes Labeling Inconsistencies in a 3PL Environment

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ContainerWorld, a beverage focused 3Pl based in British Columbia, was struggling with a way to overcome mismatched labels for their more than 4,000 customers. They chose to implement voice along with HighJump Enterprise 3PL to support their direct delivery operations, and experienced incredible results.

“We brought in LCD monitors, and use Vocollect and HighJump tools to show real time graphs and stats throughout the DC. When we bring in potential customers, we are now seen as a company that is committed to investing in our supply chain, which gives customers a level of confidence in us. We have gained customers simply because they are impressed by our technology.”–Aaron Chrismas, Director of Strategy and Technology, ContainerWorld

Read the case study to learn more about:

  • How ContainerWorld uses voice for smart batching and pallet building
  • The impact of voice on fluctuating SKU's
  • The use of voice to improve job satisfaction

Read the Case Study!

Containerworld Case Study Cover