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Sage 300 integration with direct links to auxiliary Highjump

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Case Study: Stephen Joseph

Easy integration with Sage 300, direct links to auxiliary HighJump KPI, and Shipping modules create the ideal tech environment for streamlined operations at Stephen Joseph.

Stephen Joseph specializes in bright and colorful gifts for children in an international operation that occupies nearly 90,000 square feet of office, warehouse, and creative space in multiple buildings. The company added flair to its warehouse and distribution activities by going live with a suite of logistics management software comprised of HighJump WMS, HighJump Ship, and HighJump Pulse.

Download this case study to learn more about the benefits of implementing the suite of HighJump solutions, such as:

  • Easy integration with Sage 300
  • Wireless directed putaway and picking
  • Ad hoc performance snapshots via HighJump Pulse
  • Integrated shipping via HighJump Ship
  • Picker-directed wireless shipping orders
  • Tremendous personnel reduction
  • Automated process, order tracking
  • Increase in worker productivity

“Particularly enticing about the HighJump WMS solution was its integration with Sage 300 and the cleanliness of that integration… It didn’t require much customization, where most of the other solutions we considered did. It was almost always HighJump because of that integration.”

-Preston Madden, Operations Manager

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