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Fashion Importer and Distributer Saint-Hilaire Case Study

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Case Study: Saint-Hilaire

The fashion importer and distributor achieves fast receiving and putaway, directed picking, no lost stock, higher productivity, and a virtually error-free operation using HighJump’s WMS and business intelligence tools.

Download this case study to explore how utilizing HighJump WMS has allowed Saint-Hilaire to be nimble in a market where change is frequent and fast, delivering these real results:

  • Receiving process for largest orders reduced from 2 weeks to 2 hours
  • Introduction of directed picking, wave management, and zoning
  • Order preparation reduced from 3-5 days to 1 day
  • Picking errors reduced from 3-4 per day to less than 1 per month
  • Major reduction in back orders
  • Plans to eliminate physical counts entirely due to newfound inventory precision
  • Operating costs down by $40,000 per year
  • Higher productivity and speed with no change in warehouse staff
  • Achieved 10-15 percent sales increase through inventory optimization and timely shipping

“In acquiring a warehouse management system, we had three primary objectives. We needed to cut receiving time, reduce order preparation time, and improve the accuracy of our inventory process, and with it, overall customer satisfaction. We have accomplished all three.”

-Benoit Dubuc, Vice President Operations

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