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How Overstock.com's supply chain grew from $40M to $1.5B

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How Overstock.com’s supply chain supported their $40M to $1.5B growth

Overstock logo Once a small e-commerce start-up, Overstock.com had ambitious goals for their growth since their inception. Since 1999, the company has increased revenue to an impressive $1.5 billion - and they’re not planning to stop there.

Two years into their journey, Overstock.com decided their current systems wouldn’t be able to support the growth rate the executive team was aiming for. The internet retailer partnered with HighJump to implement a warehouse management system that would adapt and evolve with their organization.

Download this case study to see how Overstock.com has been able to:

  • Provide award-winning customer service through increased order fulfillment rate and near-perfect accuracy
  • Reduce warehouse labor costs by over 30% while achieving over 99% inventory accuracy location, despite a highly volatile SKU base
  • Track picked goods for each order through the entire order-fulfillment process
  • Continuously improve processes as the online retailer grew and adapted to market demands

“HighJump Warehouse Advantage has a reputation of enabling companies to enjoy a fast return on investment by facilitating labor savings and reducing overall operating costs. We’ve been thrilled with our results. We’ve saved millions over the years and have proven an ROI many times over.”
- Steven Tryon, senior vice president of logistics and talent management

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